Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mattes Saddle Pads

You may remember that in the autumn I was concerned about the fit of Lady's saddle at one point, as there is a dip behind her shoulder.  This caused the long panels of the saddle to bridge and led to discomfort, though I must add that she is the first horse I have had this issue with.  Happily the numnah of my Free and Easy saddle has the facility to add extra padding at relevant points, and I was easily able to remedy the situation once I had realised the problem. 
However as I am planning to use or alternate her as a pack horse for the next stage I have been worrying about the fit of the pack saddle, which does not offer this facility though an excellent piece of equipment which is adjustable widthways. I had been racking my brains for a solution when fortuitously at the last moment I came across the German company Mattes Equestrian, which manufacture high quality Correction system saddle pads. The correction system comprises two to eight pockets in the saddle pads  into which special polyflex shims can be inserted to level up the horse's back for the saddle. Shown below is the western version.
I am absolutely delighted that courtesy of managing director Peter Mattes the company have agreed to provide sponsorship in kind including two western saddle pads, which will be delivered to Missouri from the USA agent World Equestrian Brands. As it can be advisable to alternate horses for riding and packing duties, if both horses have their own saddle pad it will make it easier to swop riding and pack saddles should this be required.
For a short video showing how the correction system works click on the link ..
..and then 'Western Pad'.  The video will appear top left, but can be expanded by clicking bottom right on the video screen.