Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fancy dress in Houhehot

On arrival in Houhehot, Peng Wenchao and I were immediately marched off and put into some sort of Inner Mongolia wedding costume and made to pose for photos together. In vain did I insist I had a perfectly adequate husband at home, dressing up the foreigner was far too good an opportunity for entertainment to be missed. Thankfully I was not expected to wear the head-dress while parading through the town centre.

Here we are arriving at our lunch stop with some of the cohort who accompanied us through Houhehot. I am flanked by our most generous and solicitous sponsor/host for the day and his decorative wife. They not only feasted us, but presented us with unlimited supplies of beef jerky from their beef jerky company. Beef jerky seems to be big in Inner Mongolia. Hua and Peng are on either side.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Room

If you appreciate 'good' bad films and have not already had the pleasure, a must see has to be 'The Room', written, produced, directed by, and also starring (that must give a hint) Tommy Wiseau. A serious contender for the accolade of the best worst film of all time, I can honestly say it is the funniest film I have ever seen, and I have now seen it a few times. This appalling melodrama is gradually becoming an international cult movie, and occasionally has packed screenings at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square, where the audience enthusiatically join in the tradition of plastic spoon throwing (don't ask).

If you are planning on watching it - Good Thinking. But if you are a pensioner like myself, it is advisable to flavour it in quieter surroundings before braving a public viewing.

For Youtube tasters click here and here but you really have to see the whole movie to fully appreciate its true genius.

I suspect it will be a obligatory addition to the store of films on my laptop to cheer me up on dismal evenings at Chinese truckstops in the Gobi.

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And here is a photo of the star himself in Food on the Face mode.

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Monday, 1 February 2010


Sad news for those of you who knew her. My beloved little white Jack Russell terrier Nettle died very suddenly last weekend, aged only nine years. The vets think she may have had a tumour, but it was all extremely unexpected. This is the last photo I took of her a couple of weeks ago in the snow. Below is a video of her on the same day, bounding around happily and apparently healthily. She struck fear into the hearts of the local rat and rabbit populace, but adored children and was much loved by everyone who came to stay here. She will be sorely missed.