Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Party, party

On arrival home I scarcely had time to draw breath before being plunged into Christmas festivities. There was a slight setback when Gethin announced at 9.30pm on Christmas Eve that the cooking gas had run out, but nothing daunted we all pulled together and produced an almighty spread, as my brother-in-law Russell had under-catered as usual ....the goose, duck, ham and beef could be roasted in the Rayburn and electric oven ..
... while copious dishes of vegetables borne by assorted members of the family appeared at intervals from the garden, as we had suddenly remembered about the electric rings in our outside cabin! I rustled up the bread sauce on my little camping stove.

The amazing Russell (aided by sous chef Gethin) produced another gargantuan meal for 22 people at our annual family dinner and quiz night a few days later, and for the same amount of guests the following evening!

On New Year's Eve the children organised a tremendous 'Second World War' party with Glenn Miller on the record player and the Dambusters showing in the sitting room ....

Here are Jane and Rhiannon the landgirl with their ration books - which entitled the bearer to nine shots of varying alcoholic beverages throughout the evening ... At surprise intervals an air raid siren (hired for the evening) went off and the assembled company trooped down the cellar - (last one down is dead) but at 11.00pm the 'end of the war' was celebrated with a Victory tea party - sandwiches, sausage rolls, pork pies, cakes, and tea pots filled with something that was perhaps a little bit stronger than tea!

Caradog DJing for Ffrwdfal Radio which was 'broadcast' through the house ...

Na Zdrovya!

All this was followed by a poetry reading in the library (William McGonagle!), fireworks in the front of the house at midnight and swing dancing in the drawing room - a certain couple whose names we shall not mention swung so enthusiastically that it incredibly resulted in a broken ceiling light! Those that were still standing finished up with singing round the grand piano until dawn broke - I gave up and went to bed long before the younger generation.

Thank you siblings for a wonderful start to a year I hope will be less difficult than the last.