Sunday, 29 March 2009

Poor Sion.

Our two year old colt (now gelding) Pontsteffan Sion is just back from being castrated and looking a little down in the mouth. He was bound for Australia as a stallion last year, but unfortunately for him one of his testicles failed to descend, so he has been denied a life of ease with the ladies, and his younger brother has usurped him. If anyone out there wants a cracking Section B gelding with an excellent temperament, he is for sale.

On the way to fetch Gethin and Iona from uni on Friday, I called in at the Outdoors Show (I had free tickets!) which turned out to be a detour well worth making. I even discovered Rowena's neighbour James Moreton presiding there in a yurt (or ger as the Mongolian version is called) He and his wife Karina run travel company which runs off-the-beaten-track holidays in Mongolia and Bhutan.

We are all anticipation at the moment, as one of the Section B mares, Millcroft Simone (property of fellow breeder and friend Rob Jones who keeps his ponies here) is dripping milk and due to foal before the night is out.

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