Wednesday, 13 May 2009

No Skiing in the Lake

Here is a photo of the Lido Park with my hotel the Rosedale in the background. This is where I go every day to shuffle round like an OAP. But you are one, I hear you cry. The lake is rather small and scummy, but has delusions of grandeur, if you look more closely at the notices around it.

Assuming it is water skiing that is being referred to, one wonders how anyone could get up enough speed to be successful. Are the culprits suspected of using pedalo power?
I have now worked out my satnav route plotting system. To access it, go to Enter username Rowena Gulland, and password MeganLewis, then go to My Locations and open the map window. I have just plotted the location of the Rosedale hotel. My location was in fact about 50ft further west of the location shown on the map - I was sitting sedately in the hotel grounds, not cavorting on the roof. Remember this offset for future reference.


  1. Presumably "No Skiing in the Lake" means skiing in the frozen lake in Winter.

    Hope you get well soon!


    From Liang (Malaysia)
    (Friend of Wutzala)