Monday, 28 February 2011

Goodbye Tiger, Hello Rabbit.

Chinese New Year has come and gone, as has the end of 2010, and hopefully the Year of the Rabbit 2011 will hop along without too many traumas.
The children celebrated our New Year with a fancy dress party - theme 'Around the World' - which gave me an excuse to dig out various items of clothing I acquired while on the North West Frontier (if you want to see photos of this 2006 trip, see towards the bottom of the page)
Iestyn and me in sartorial splendour as Afghan mujahideen and spouse - the latter apparently held at gunpoint in his harem. Fortunately we live in a more enlightened society in Wales, so here we are again in more relaxed mode.
We were all issued with passports which were checked at the door by airline stewardess Gwenny before a fun packed evening of quizzes, tequila shots, bonfires and singing round the piano.

Shay and our sheep dog Dyfi carousing the night away with a couple of bottles of champers - Dyfi looks decidedly the worse for wear.

Guess the country -

There might be a clue here - And of course it all followed a White Christmas

which meant an obigatory sledging session after Christmas dinner -

A novel way for brothers in law to bond - Iestyn and Russell in full? flight Dyfi equipped for the ski slopes, but doubting if dogs are really meant to do this.

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