Monday, 21 March 2011

Not Only But Also - video clips

In case you are not aware, I have sporadically been posting more video clips of the ride -
Not Only on my Facebook page for The Long Horse Ride Group which you all very welcome to join at!/group.php?gid=100069313746
But Also on my Youtube account at

Here is a little taster. If you find it slightly monotonous, consider that I will soon be riding across the steppe like this, eight hours a day for the next two months. Thank goodness Rowena will be with me for the first month to relieve the tedium with her sparkling conversation and rapier wit.

This is all assuming I actually get to Kazakhstan next week as surpise surprise I am having problems getting my visa due to a considerable delay with the letter of invitation I need for a three month visa - I was initially told it would take five days, and it is now three weeks later. On top of this, without website warning, the Kazakhstan consulate is apparently closed for three days. In Kazakhstan nothing is ever straightforward for ordinary mortals - I am certain Goga's royal buddies do not have these hassles. Rowena has e-mailed to say that she is practising her yoga breathing all the time in preparation for the next stage.

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