Saturday, 6 August 2011

Into Europe!

Sunday May 22nd
Last night we camped on the outskirts of Atyrau, tethering the horses in what seemed like an ideal grassy dip, but I was woken in the middle of the night by them galloping around on the ends of their tethers. The reason became clear when I got up to investigate, as when I reached the brow of the dip I could hear the roar of millions of mosquitoes - the poor animals were being bitten to death. I quickly moved them to a more breezy and mosquito free spot, sticking their Lansdowne rugs on for good measure, but Zorbee was already covered with little lumps. Thankfully they went down fairly quickly the next day, which was the BIG day when we rode into Europe!
Rowena came out early to ride Bolashak into to Atyrau. Here are Zorbee and I reaching the city limits.

On the Asian side of the river Ural which is the official boundary between Asia and Europe.Rowena and daughter Gwenny ride Bolashak over the bridge. Not sure why Rowena has a golf club growing out of her head. Husband Matt on the right, son John on the left.

Mission accomplished! Rowena and I on the European side with band of small fans.

And then we rode along the Ural to Rowena and Matt's lovely house overlooking the river. Bolashak and Zorbee are tethered on scrubland outside, and we are psyching up for a celebratory barbeque this evening.

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