Saturday, 3 December 2011

Horse Houdini

We have now been here exactly three weeks - I could have crossed Hungary in this time!
But everyone is still working very hard to get us out of here, and with the help of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation we have been looking into the possiblity of hiring an Ukrainian transport company to take the horses to Russia. However, the FEI have also written to the Ukrainian Min of Ag, and we are mainly waiting to see how they respond next week, before taking any other definite action.
So it is another fun-packed weekend in our home sweet home by the muck bins behind the Hungarian border vet buildings. But as you can see there is a nice little garden which will be a plus if we are still here next summer.
Thankfully I have been able to have another shower, so I am not too stinking - apart from my trousers - and my jacket - and my socks. And at least the day temperature has been above freezing today - I know because it has been raining.

The horses are well, if understandably bored. Bolashak keeps managing to unclip his lead rope and dive round into the passage in front of the stalls to polish off the spare hay. Luckily he is very adept at backing up round a very tight corner when we extricate him, although Hua has to pull him by the tail.
Here is the corner below - you have to admit he must be pretty sensible and athletic for a horse over 15 hands!
We have now tied him up with two lead ropes, and here he is looking distinctly miffed - is that evidence hanging from his mouth? Get out of that, Houdini! Just a pity he can't get us out of here.


  1. Glad to hear positive news. Hope it ends well.

  2. Thanks Martine! Megan