Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Zaftra .....

...which is the Ukrainian equivalent of the Spanish 'manyana', and is the word which most seems to rule my life at the moment.
Got the Ukrainian permissions for exit on Monday, and eventually met up with the vet - but he then announced he was not qualified to complete the EU forms, and I was passed on to the customs veterinary department. Had a mad drive in Zhenya's Lada through the melting snow to Mukachevo twenty miles away, but too late to do anything on the day. So the following day Zhenya drove me out again, and we spent most of the day in a bleak office with peeling yellow paint in a run down building filling in interminable forms for both Ukrainian and Hungarian customs. A little tricky to complete the English and Hungarian EU certificates when the vet did not speak English and my Russian is severely limited to say the least, but with the help of Natalya on the mobile we managed somehow, and the forms were copiously signed and stamped.
Then it was off to a nearby office to scan and email twenty-three pages of bumf to Dr Halasz at Zahony.
Got back to the hotel to find he had emailed to say that one of the pages had not been filled in correctly, though happily everything else was OK.
Back again to customs this morning to correct, sign and stamp the relevant pages, on to the office to email them to Dr Halasz, and now I am back at the hotel waiting with bated breath for his response. Cross fingers all is positive.

Life here in the meantime has been reasonably comfortable, though the hotel has not had water for four days which has made the sanitary arrangements rather challenging. I have been scooping up snow in a saucepan and melting it on the radiator so I can have a cat-lick wash every morning.


  1. Your patience appears to be limitless!! Our thoughts are with you.

  2. Hi Megan! I live on the very edge (east) of Budapest and there's a small horse yard very near to me. Tell me if you ride nearby I might be able to take a few days off and get accommodation for the horses and for 2 riders.
    Please write me if you're interested.