Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Driver at Last!

This morning I still did not have a driver for the back up lorry who could start at short notice, which meant a worrying delay to the start of this final leg.
In desperation I phoned the Jamie and Louise programme on Radio Wales as I have been interviewed for the programme twice before. They enthusiastically helped me put out an urgent appeal, and as a result Michael Garman from near Carmarthen is setting off to Hungary with me first thing on Saturday morning!

Many thanks to Jamie and Louise and staff for their help, and also to Tommo on Radio Carmarthenshire, who put out another appeal which resulted in a potential driver for later on in the stage.

We should reach Hungary on Sunday evening, and then will collect the Shagya gelding Dallam on Monday morning en route for Tiszabecs on the Hungarian border with Ukraine. He is a 10 year old who was only gelded a couple of years ago, and has been mainly used for showjumping. Below is a thumbnail photo of him in action, which is the best I have of him at the moment!

The Long Horse Ride blog has been included in the Monster 50 top UK pet and animal blogs by Monster Pet Supplies

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  1. Yay! Good news! Looking forward to hearing about the last leg of your journey - hope it all goes smoothly from here.