Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Heno Again

I suppose I had better share the link to this rather cringeful, for me at least, S4C interview in Welsh on Heno - it is the first feature in Episode 140 which is showing for about a month.

The double chin strikes again, not to mention the sack of potatoes cantering around in the background behind the presenter.  Iona placed it in ten top 10 cringe moments of her life, though I thought she aquitted herself valiantly.  As Gwenny commented on Facebook   'Dwy'n falch iawn o chi Iona. Rwyt ti 'di wneud rywbeth arbennig ac rwy'n credu dy fod ti'n rhyfeddol'

  But I was riveted to the film footage which we took of the ride itself as it the first time I have seen it.  I never rewound to view at the time as I was so terrified of taping over or losing stuff we had filmed!  I handed all my tapes over to S4C to use and put on CD, so hopefully I will soon be able to see the rest.


  1. Meg, still can't access the link. Same with other people who've wanted to watch it. Any ideas on how to access the interview? And you mention a CD. Do you mean a DVD? When might a DVD be available? Your fans perish from lack of information.

  2. It was only accessible for a month unfortunately, so I am afraid you have missed it!