Friday, 30 August 2013

A Missionary in Belgium

I had a lovely unexpected surprise on Wednesday when Kris Annaerts and Sabrina Proost from Belgium turned up on my doorstep.  It transpired that about ten years ago Kris had bought Cwrtycadno Cenhadwr, a young colt that I had sold to Holland and subsequently lost track of.  Quite a timely re-discovery as he is a full brother to my 2013 Royal Welsh Champion Cwrtycadno Perlen (see previous post) and the first foal by Cwrtycadno Cymro.  He was called Cenhadwr (the Welsh for missionary) as we had just moved into our present home Ffrwdfal House which had previously been set up as a religious retreat for returning missionaries, and the colt was one of the first ponies I exported to the continent.
 At the time he was born he was a great disappointment as I was eagerly hoping for a filly foal, but had to wait another two years!  However he has landed on his feet, or should I say hooves, leading a fulfilling life as a marathon driving pony.  Kris and Sabrina gave me lots of photos and video clips of him in action.  Here he is in his role as lead pony in a tandem.....

.............and in action at Hatrival ...........


  1. How wonderful to see one of your "babies" in action!

  2. What a lovely surprise and to have found him after loosing track of him - looks like he is having a blast as part of the tandem team!

  3. And they have now bought a half brother from me - Pontsteffan Twm Sion Cati (Sion) by Cwrtycadno Cymro - to follow in Cenhadwr's hoof
    steps. He has just arrived safely in Belgium after travelling overnight!