Saturday, 22 November 2014

Le Pont Sur Le Fleuve St Laurent

Saturday November 1st, and my last day of travelling by horse this autumn when I rode to the bridge over the St Lawrence river at Trois Rivieres.   Bernard had kindly offered to guide me on an infinitely preferable cross-country short cut for the first part of the way to avoid a longer route by road, so we set off across the fields, Bernard leading the way on his Canadian horse (the black horse in front of the paint horse).
Are those the tracks of heffalumps?  I am sure we have been here before.......
It was not Bernard's usual route so we ended up on a bit of a magical mystery tour in the woods, going round in a complete circle rather like Winnie-the-Pooh.   But it was not long before we were back on track, and following Bernard's directions I made my way through Becancour to the banks of the St Lawrence.  Trois Rivieres is on the other side of the river in this photo..
We arrive at the bridge over the St Lawrence
As arranged, the wonderful Jacques Charlesbois (with Sebastian and Martin for moral support) arrived soon after to pick up Lady, catching me scoffing a sandwich provided by Cecile.
The weary travellers tucking in.....
...before Lady is loaded into Jacques swish trailer for the four hour journey back to Wendover ..
Unlike the UK where trailers have loading ramps, most of the trailers in Canada are step-up like this.


  1. Reading your interesting article about magical mystery tour in the woods with the videos I am glad because you have shared here some real experience about the journey.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sam, will be back on April 9th to continue!