Monday, 27 July 2015

The Invasion of the Round Gobies

 Tuesday May 26th and I seriously could not believe it when I came across the sign below at the start of the Elora-Cataract Trailway, as it was a little late to discover this when I was already en route!....
..There had been nothing on the TCT website about this unexplained ruling, and with only five days to go I am afraid to say that in the circumstances I ignored it and continued on my way.
I later found out it was to do with surface conditions, but after a period of dry weather the trail was in fact perfectly rideable.
Riding through the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park and conservation area which includes parts of the Niagara escarpment which has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve.  
The escarpment has created the Cataract Falls here, but the fact that I was unable to see them as I crossed the deep Forks river valley gives a clue to the fact that they are no way on the impressive scale of the Niagara Falls. In the past the falls gave rise to a water powered industrial complex, long since in ruins.
A pretty path on the hillside above the falls... 
Apparently America is under imminent threat from The Invasion of the Round Gobies and the French ones even more ominously have the Black Spot which I suppose they present to unwary victims. 
But perhaps the turtles will come to the rescue if they are of the Teenage Ninja Mutant variety..
At home with some of the extensive and friendly Kirk family, who took us in after I turned off the trail at Orton...
Left to right (hope I have got it right) Kevin Kirk, daughters Deirdre, Teresa, Bronwen, Rhianna and boyfriend Paul, Avery.   I was glad to have use of their trailer as it poured with rain that night.

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