Saturday, 22 August 2015

Dodging Tornadoes

Monday June 22nd dawned bright and clear, but soon turned hot and sultry. Thunderstorms with the possibility of occasional tornadoes had been forecast for later in the day, so I decided to arrange somewhere not too far ahead where Lady and I could take shelter if the weather deteriorated.  After phoning around I was given a contact near Reading (pronounced Reeding!) about fifteen miles west of Osseo, and by mid afternoon had arrived at the home of the effervescent Patty Pogue, who runs a dog grooming and boarding business Dandi Dogs , while husband Bob Pogue is a musician.  After three tiring days travelling in heat and humidity, it was marvellous to have a shorter day and relax in good company.  Bob and Patty have worked hard to improve their smallholding with a small fishing and boating lake tucked away behind the house (their house and barn is in the far distance) ...
 ..overlooked by a log cabin.....
The photos show relatively clear skies, but later on the clouds started to roll in.  When we drove down to Reading in the evening for an ice cream...
....the tornado warning sirens were wailing ominously, but it seemed that the storms passed to either side of us, and we only had a few drops of rain.  By comparison I heard from Lydia (grand-daughter of the Alexanders with whom I had stayed three nights previously) that a tornado had damaged the roof of a neighbours house!
Lady ready to set out on Tuesday June 23rd, with Bob, Patty and interested equines..
Cooler more pleasant weather followed the storms, and Lady and I covered over 27 miles that day along quiet rural roads..
 ...sometimes lined with glorious orange daylilies ..
 I meet a little girl on a pony....
 In the late afternoon I found a place to tether Lady safely overnight with another little pony for company at the home of the Metzger family.
 They kindly invited me in for supper before I settled down in a shed with a drum kit for company!


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