Tuesday, 23 August 2016

We Make it to Eagle Mountain

Saturday June 18th and I knew it was going to be a long day, as I was hoping but not necessarily expecting to get to Mike and Bonnie's home in Eagle Mountain to the southwest of Salt Lake City.  An early start with the ever present backdrop of the Wasatch mountains, still streaked with snow..
but first we had to negotiate some built up areas..
Parking the horses while I have a morning coffee stop....
Crossing the river Jordan...
...the river did not stop for me so I had to use the bridge.  On the other side I was able to join the scenic Jordan Parkway which runs right through the centre of Salt Lake City, though some of it is supposedly off limits to horses - not this bit though....
 A view over the River Jordan to the Wasatch Mountains from the Jordan Parkway...
 Midday lunch stop on the parkway with trees to tie the horses and a small creek to water them, plus a picnic area for me..
 By this time it was getting quite hot, so the shade was very welcome.  The parkway started to peter out soon after this...
..but I still had a few hours riding, partly along a nasty expressway.   Mike trailered his horse Shemai (sounds like the Welsh for hallo!) to guide me in the last eight miles or so as the sun began to set...
...but we eventually reached their home in Eagle Mountain safely in the dark with Bonnie as outrider in the car.  A long day, but Lady and Mo were now able to rest completely, Bonnie gave me a choice of luxurious bedrooms and I slept like a log.


  1. Willie playing down The Clearing Farm knows well there is not a horse in Lake View Terrace who can touch him!

    The Clearing Farm

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