Monday, 5 October 2009

Li Jing Goes Home and We Arrive in Gansu

Unfortunately Zorbee is lame, and thus Li Jing decided to return home by train early last Sunday morning 27th Septmber. Whether he returns or not remains to be seen. Zorbee had refused to go in the trailer until now, but patient Peng spent ages coaxing him with the help of a bowl of feed and although he is still not exactly marching in, he is gaining confidence every day. As Zorbee was the pacesetter for the other two horses, they have reverted to their somewhat lazy alter egos which has sometimes made hard work of a long day for Hua and me.

The next piece of news is more pleasing - we arrived in Gansu province on Sunday 27th September – the final province we will ride through this year. The area we have been riding through has been largely desert, and we have also been riding near the Great Wall, and sometimes actually alongside it. Unfortunately we have also been forced to spend rather too much time on the main road again, though it is a relatively quiet route.

Hua lost in the middle of the Tengger desert - actually only about 50 m from the main road!

 Riding along the Great Wall!

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  1. Nice trip you guys did!!! I just did my first pilgrimage in the Way of St. James this summer
    Hope you can ride again in China and maybe we can ride together, cheers!