Monday, 28 September 2009

A Surprise Present from Hami

On Friday we were given a most welcome surprise present by a passing truck driver – a Hami melon! Hami in Xinjiang province is on our route next year, and I had been looking forward to trying its world renowned juicy melons when we arrived there. However we were able to have a pre-tasting when we were presented with one fresh off the truck all the way from Xinjiang. Here is the driver in his truck – Hua has persuaded me to point out the evidence in Chinese on the door that it really did originate from Hami.

Thankfully it did not cause a resurrection of the Great Watermelon Controversy that raged for weeks between Hua and the others – which are the sweetest and so on ad infinitum – I did not previously appreciate that it was a fruit that could raise such high emotions – or is it a fruit? According to Hua it is not.

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