Sunday, 22 November 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

After three months of almost entirely dry weather in China, I have really arrived home to Wet and Windy Wales! For non UK residents who are unaware of the battering and swamping from gales and floods we have recently been suffering, this has been the view from my bedroom window for much of the last two weeks. Luckily I managed to wean the last little colt foal just before the weather set in with a vengeance, and he is now dry and warm in a stable.
Added to this I have been laid up with a nasty bout of flu which partly accounts for the gap in posts. But I am feeling much better, and today was interviewed by old friend Shan Cothi for her show on BBC Radio Wales. Below is a link to iplayer recording if you are interested - it should be available for the next week. The interview is towards the end of the programme.


  1. Its looking wet and miserable but your radio interview brightened up my day.

  2. My memories are of sitting in sunshine reading Dick francis books (except for one notable storm on the walk to the pub!)--looks more like a scene from a good NZ winter day. Also looks like a good day for a steaming Sichuan hotpot!!

  3. Hi,

    What a fantastic interview. Inspirational. I am into long distance riding myself, in fact I once won the junior long dstance rider of the year award.