Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Or for those of you who do not understand Welsh, Happy New Year!
Here is a New Year's photo of one of my Welsh mares Cwrtycadno Colomen in the snow in France, where she has gone on loan while I am abroad.

I am afraid that betwen Christmas celebrations and the SNOW, I have been a little remiss about keeping the blog up to date, so my New Year's resolution must be not to let it happen again.
The photo below shows the view from my bedroom window, which has changed from incessant rain. The mares and the stallion are showing their true native instincts by rooting around for grass. As the ATV has broken down and the water trough is frozen, we have been wheelbarrowing hay and lugging buckets of water out to them twice a day. The rest of the ponies are by the river with two big bales of hay in front of them.

I have at last been sorting out the video footage from the ride - mostly taken from horseback on my little waterproof and droppable Panasonic SDR-SW10. If you are interested, I am in the process of putting clips up on Youtube. Look under my username megan cwrtycadno. Here is a link to one of us riding along a canal across the Huang He floodplain, followed by swallows.

I now discover I can upload videos directly onto my blog! The one above was taken on the 1st September, when we rode through the countryside to stay at the Brother Win racing stables. The little herd consists of fat tailed sheep and a kind of goat used for producing cashmere.

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