Friday, 15 January 2010

Journey Map Information

On my last post I have embedded a Google map showing in more detail locations on the route of our journey from Guyuan, where we relaunched the ride on August 6th 2009, to Jiayuguan at the end of the Great Wall, which we reached on 22nd October 2009. Most of the points are exact locations, except where the map clarity is poor, or I was unable to positively identify the spot. It is more accurate than the Thuraya location map as I have adjusted those GPS points which were not exactly placed.

By using the zoom facility on the satellite map, in many instances it is possible to clearly see the places we stayed or visited. The point descriptions also give added information and act as a brief diary of our journey.

To view the map in larger full screen version, don't forget to click on relevant point below the map.

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  1. HI
    wow...I can´t belive your trip.

    good luck !!!
    I will read your blog for know how are you and your 4 legs friend.