Saturday, 10 April 2010

They Were Right

It looks as though some of the dire Chinese predictions for arctic weather may have been justified, as this is what we woke up to this morning.
After donning all our thermal underwear and waving goodbye to our Muslim friends (who were even more friendly after we had presented them with a donation towards the new mosque), we set out through an icy blizzard. The horses are still in their thick winter coats so did not seem at all troubled by the conditions.

But it has been an excellent opportunity to try out their wonderful custom made waterproof Lansdown rugs at last when we arrived here at Qing Shui. Apart from Zorbee who was horrified to find Shandan had suddenly turned into a large blue box. But he is not being ridden just yet, and is a tough guy.We are staying in spotless guest house. However although our room has an enormous radiator, it is absolutely freezing, and we are debating whether the proprietoress said the heating was turned on at night or at a certain time of year. Worryingly Rowena says she (the proprietoress) has a mountain of quilts on her bed. I think a little nip of vodka is called for.

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