Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Hair of the Horse

Thursday May 13th.
On the way to Qitai, we were directed along this pleasant rural back road, and Niyaz also decided to negotiate it in the truck.

Unfortunately he met a truck barrier at the other end. Here he is trying to pump a young driver for tips on how to get out of this pickle.

Eventually an elderly resident came to the rescue with an escape route. But the price of the information - a lock of Shandan's tail ...............

.............. apparently for use with some unidentified musical instrument!

I had hoped to visit Qitai, (previously Gucheng) as it is historically an important hub of trade routes, and the Trio stayed there on their journey in 1926. But we have taken a short cut to the south of the main town, and Peng wants to press on to Jimsar (Tsimusa) and have a day's rest there to visit a nearby Buddhist site.

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