Thursday, 24 June 2010

Unusual Wildlife

Tuesday May 11th.
In Xinjiang we have seen a fair amount of birdlife and wildlife, including an antelope which bounded in front of the truck near Qijiaojing, and some 'huang yang' or 'yellow sheep' fleeing into the distance as we rode up the ravine. I am actually none too sure what 'huang yang' are, but they are certainly some sort of wild sheep, probably argali.

However it was a surprise to see these in a stream near Sangequanzi.

Find the lizard.

And this close up is easy compared with from the back of a horse. There are lots of these little lizards in the desert, only noticeable when they scuttle away.


  1. Found it! Bottom left/center by the rock. I have an eye for lizards from all the time I've spent in lounges.

    Happy that travel seems to be going well. Now that Zorbee has been left at the border which horse is his spirited heir? Loads of children following on Twitter and Facebook want to know!

  2. You will have to be patient until the new Zorbee is unveiled!