Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bad Hair Day Steppe Style

Friday 15th April

We have been struggling through sandy desert riddled with ground squirrel burrows which the horses flounder through. The air is filled with dust, and today we fought against a gritty headwind. With our water reserves being a very precious commodity, basin baths are a norm and hair washing a distant memory, so our hair has achieved a sort of specialised desert lacquering from being stiff with dust. It does not do much for one’s skin either. Roll on Aralsk and a proper shower!

Rowena rides across the desert

A pointless sign.

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  1. Love the sign! Is it just the work of some mischevious wag or does it mean, perhaps, that a soccer pitch is just ahead? You must have been stunned to come across that in what looks to me to be the middle of nowhere.