Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tomorrow is another day.

As this is Kazakhstan it was almost inevitable that there would be some unforseen delay, and this morning our driver Baurzhan failed to turn up for the planned 9 a.m meeting with Zhanar, a wonderful Kazakh interpreter lent to us by Sandy Moir to help thrash out some last minute hassles re pay and conditions. Together with the farrier Sandy had sourced for us, we were all kept waiting around until he eventually rolled up after a couple of hours to face a firm maternal ticking off from Zhanar. As by now time was running on we decided to leave our departure until tomorrow. Below is Baurzhan's truck which will be carrying hay, feed and water for the horses as well as all our kit. From left to right: the farrier, John, Zhanar, and a rather sheepish Baurzhan. The truck can also transport horses, and Baurzhan drove Bolashak out to Terenozek to meet up with his new travelling companion Zorbee. This was an occasion punctured by much squealing and rearing, but as they are in neighbouring pens overnight, hopefully they will have reached an amicable agreement by morning. The two horses have also had their feet trimmed and shoes put on the front. As I had asked for Zorbee's shoes to be pulled off when I reached Terenozek five months ago , it was slightly to my surprise that he still had them on, but he is in good nick if in desperate need of a thorough grooming.

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  1. Dear me. Obviously the most difficult part of your trip involves people. A second bag stolen and the driver a no-show for most of the morning. I wish you luck in that SpiderGirl prom jacket. Do you think the glitter will set Zorbee off? And never forget the immortal words of Lightin' Hopkins: "Ya gotta' watch it ALL the time."