Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stuck on the Steppe!

Sunday 4th September
Whenever I cross desert and semi-desert areas that have seen no rain for months, I seem to attract precipitation, and Russia has been no exception. After a long day's ride, I approached the village of Khulhuta as a storm cloud loomed over it. The little speck to the far right of the photo below is the lorry. After narrowly escaping being stuck in the mud near Dossor after a thunderstorm in the spring, I was a trifle worried. But little Zorbee was already staked out, the first drops of rain had started, Bauzhan had supper on and did not seem too concerned at my worries, so I relaxed.

Bad mistake. An almighty thunderstorm passed over with impressive thunder and lightning show, and it continued to rain all night. When Bauzhan tried to drive off in the morning, the lorry managed about a metre before plunging into the sodden steppe earth.

Added to this it has been raining on and off all day, so I am beginning to think it will be days before we get out of here. Most annoying as I was making good progress, but one just has to be philosophical about these things.
A sorry sight -
On the bright side it has given us a chance to sort out the lorry and for Bauzhan to show off his pecs scraping the walls of the living area where there was a carpet covering before - I hate carpet covered walls, so intend to then sandpaper and paint them.

It has actually been quite cosy snuggled up in my duvet in the luton with a book while the rain patters down.
And we have a goodly supply of vodka, not to mention Welsh Country Cottage cakes courtesy of Anthony, to survive on until we are extracated.
Early this evening the Kalmickian version of a knight on a white horse turned up - a friendly Kalmyk-Kazakh called Salawat on his motorbike.
He has promised to return tomorrow to help us out - well he has to as his motorbike wouldn't start and he has had to leave it here. Perhaps we should start a small settlement here based on stuck vehicles.

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  1. Zorbee staked out? I thought Zorbee had died?