Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink

Hurray - we have come unstuck, in the best meaning of the phrase. We woke this morning to unwelcome overcast skies, but a welcome drying wind. Salawat turned up as promised, not with a tractor as they apparently do not exist in Khulhuta, but with a spade, and Bauzhan and he set to. Within minutes the lorry was free, but it was not an occasion for rejoicing as it was soon stuck again on the muddy track to the main road. After about 2 hours of digging, and reversing and revving the lorry forwards, it finally heaved itself out of the morass and we were free!
The next problem was water supply as ironically in all the heavy rain, the water containers for the horses had run dangerously low. Bauzhan drove into Khulhurta to replenish the containers but with no success. The village, as with many others in semi-desert areas, has its water delivered in tankers. Bauzhan found he was even unable to buy this precious water supply. So he resorted to filling up the containers from the muddy puddles which abounded after the storm.

A water tanker - and a tractor - why isn't there one around when you need it?

Later in the day even more huge rain clouds appeared and I got soaked.

But what an impressive sunset afterwards.

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