Monday, 24 October 2011

Rowena Joins Us

Thursday 6th October

Rowena has joined us, and it is great to have some company through the superb open riding landscapes we are encountering. We have enjoyed cutting across country on little earth tracks through huge arable fields ...........

.....and through the villages Rowena has been able to indulge in some productive scrumping - here she is in Bacchus mode devouring some grapes which had 'gone wild' over the fence.

Her other favourites are walnuts from the many walnut trees which line the village lanes.

Asking the way from a bemused elderly local - neither he or Rowena were much wiser at the end of the conversation.

A meal at an extraordinary military brigade restaurant we came across.

Who is the dummy? Rupert is apparently held prisoner by one.

Little Zorbee doing his bit for British-Ukrainian relations - Giving pony rides to local infants .........

......and making friends with an Ukrainian goat........

A novel well!

We have seen surprisingly few horses, but many of them are very similar to our own Welsh Cob.

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