Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Snapshots from the road

Another days ride through beautiful Ukrainian countryside.

It has been surprisingly difficult to find a convenient water supply for the horses. I had imagined there would be plenty of small streams now we have left the drier areas of Eurasia, but in fact this has not been so. Rupert has been kept busy trying to persuade locals to let him use the precious water from their wells when there is not an alternative supply. Here is an elderly babuschka giving him a lesson on how water should be raised from a well - a public one in this instance.

A typical little Ukrainian house in eastern Ukraine.

.......... and a typical sight outside one! Many people have benches by their front gates where they can sit and chat and watch the world go by.

Supper by the campfire

at it again ....... scrumping for walnuts this time.

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