Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hoofing It through London

On Thursday I set out from Mount Mascal stables to ride back to Wales, visiting HOOF London supported stables en route.  Passing Greenwich Park on the day of the memorable individual dressage finals, I arrived mid afternoon at Vauxhall City Farm where Zorbee was stabled overnight near an assortment of animals including alpacas and chickens.  Linda the manager went to great effort to keep him happy by moving their two shetland ponies into the next door stables where he could see them - Zorbee tends to panic if he thinks he has been abandoned without equine company - and she phoned to assure me he had settled in.  Thanks Linda!
The next day I rode to Park Lane stables in Teddington via Deen City Farm , passing very close to my daughter's house share in Tooting Bec - so I was very pleased when housemates Emma and Lou came down to the station to cheer me on!
..and no, I did not cheat by taking the tube - though I don't think Oyster cards are available for horses.

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