Saturday, 15 February 2014

Charging along......

...which is what  I hope to be doing in more way than one on my North America ride.   I am intending to travel without vehicle support as far as possible, so charging my electrical equipment when I am back country is an obvious concern.  I have been very grateful to receive support from family business Outdoor Chargers who offered a very generous deal on a couple of solar powered chargers.
This includes a compact and sturdy Powermonkey Extreme which is arguably the most impressive portable solar charger on the market.  Capable of charging a variety of devices from cameras to ipads, the battery unit can also be charged up from a conventional power source.

.......In addition I have acquired a Bushnell Solarwrap Mini   which is a very lightweight small solar charger which I intend to use to keep my mobile topped up as I ride along.  It can be hung across a saddle bag, and the flexible solar panel wraps away around the battery unit when not in use.
Outdoor Chargers supply a variety of chargers (including the two shown above) at very competitive prices.

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