Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Introducing the ponies!

I have now bought two ponies and booked a flight arriving in St John's Newfoundland on April 17th, so am committed to the ride!  Facebook gets a lot of bad press but it has been instrumental in building up contacts in Canada and sourcing the ponies I have bought. They are both Newfoundland pony crosses so should  be well suited to the rigours of travel in Newfoundland.

Albert is a six year old bay Newfoundland x Morgan/Clydesdale gelding around 14hh.  He is broken to ride and drive and is quiet and good with traffic.  Here he is pulling a wagonette .......
 ... and a sleigh ....
 ....though of course he will be used in a different capacity on the ride!   He has been with the Brown family near Clarenville since birth.  The vet commented on how well-behaved he was during vetting, so I am looking forward to having him as part of the team.

 Mace is an 11 year old chestnut gelding, about 14.2hh and thought to be a Newfoundland pony x quarter horse.  The details of his past are a little more unsure, though he was apparently used on a holiday ranch for a while before his previous owner acquired him.

.Don't forget that the trip can also be followed via my Long Horse Ride facebook group at   https://www.facebook.com/groups/100069313746/     Everyone welcome to join!

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