Monday, 14 July 2014

..and Hello Nova Scotia!

...where Cape Breton hospitality kicked in immediately at Cabresto Ridge. Angela, Peggy and Mike provided a spacious stall for Lady and a comfortable base for me to rest and start planning the next leg, not to mention a couple of very convivial evenings.  Angela and mum Peggy in front of the barn ...

I was even able to take the opportunity do a little sightseeing when I spent a wet afternoon looking round Fort Louisbourg, built by the French in the first half of the eighteenth century when France was given Cape Breton (L'Ile Royalle) under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. It was subsequently taken and destroyed by British forces in 1758 after hostilities broke out between the two countries.  Interestingly Fort Louisbourg fell because its defences were essentially designed from attack by sea, whereas the British attacked overland.  Surprising then that British held Singapore fell to the Japanese in the Second World War for exactly the same reason!
The site was very impressive as there has been an extensive reconstruction of the original buildings within the fort complex, and what I thought would be a whistle stop tour of a small fort actually merited several hours visit.  Well worth a visit if you are ever in Cape Breton.
I also had a trip down to Truro to buy better saddlebags now that Lady is carrying all  my essentials, and called in with Rhonas Taylor, a Shetlander who runs Sumac Farm near Pictou. who was able to provide some useful advice and contacts.

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