Sunday, 21 September 2014

We gatecrash a party

The Moncton section of the Trans Canada Trail is beautifully kept, and it was a delight to be able to use it on the morning of Saturday 13th September.  Skeins of geese honked overhead as Lady and I made our way along the marshland which borders the Petitcodiac river. 
I stopped on the edge of Moncton to have a coffee and an egg muffin and withdraw some more money before tackling the bridges of Moncton.   This very stylish one on the waterside walkway....

...and this rather scarier version on a boardwalk on the far side....
None designed for horse traffic I fear, but no-one seemed to mind.  Desperate to obey the call of nature, I had passed quite a few little grey sheds along the trail when I suddenly realised they were biological toilets thoughtfully provided by the Greater Moncton Sewerage Commission...

...even Lady seems to taken the hint.
I was just thinking it was time to find somewhere to rest and graze Lady when I saw a beautiful old barn surrounded by green grass - and on cue a young woman appeared and asked me if I would to stop and rest my horse!   Chris and medical marijuana grower Sarah were in the throes of holding a sixth birthday party for son Thomas but found time to guide Lady to a grassy spot and provide me with a welcome bottle of beer. 

 Fortified by the welcome rest, we soon reached our ultimate goal of Spruce Hollow Corral in the hills above Moncton. Shandi Mitton who runs the centre was away at a competition, but mother Gail fed me pizza and let me make use of her luxurious shower to wash away the grime of two days on the road in the heat.

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