Sunday, 21 September 2014

We Sleep in an Outside Toilet

The family (minus husband Peter who had left for work, and Naomi) were out again in force to see me off on the morning of Friday 12th September...
...but it was not long before they saw me again as I had ridden down the road for half an hour when I realised I had left my maps behind - aaarrgghh
I was surprised at how quiet and unspoiled the back roads in this part of New Brunswick are..
I had expected to find an ATM en route in Memramcook to withdraw more money to purchase the new horse, but the local garage only had a mini ATM which did not accept my Nat West card. "There's a bank five minutes away" the shop attendant informed me - rather unhelpfully as she meant five minutes by car, not the hour it would take me - the trials of travelling by horse.  A group of local rednecks drinking in the store were singularly unresponsive to my plight, but thankfully a French couple took pity on me and gave me a lift.
In late afternoon I arrived at Fox Creek near Moncton and decided to stop here for the night.  No convenient barns (as I was concerned about mosquitoes so near the Petitcodiac river)  but I found an abandoned house plastered in No Trespassing signs. The neighbours assured me they never saw anyone there, so I tethered Lady in the garden, and when the expected mosquitoes descended at dusk we both retreated to an outhouse I had scouted out ...........
..evidently an outside toilet judging by the seating on the right hand side. 

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