Sunday, 10 July 2016

From the Sunflower State to the Cornhusker State..

..... when we crossed the state line from Kansas to Nebraska on Thursday April 14th . Stopping at an Oregon Trail Monument on State Line road. Note the little horse and wagon sign to the right of Mo. The trail ran from left to right.
 An All American post box, complete with picket fence!....
 This rather bleak location is the site of Rock House Pony Express station - it was probably where the little tower is. The trail ran from far left to near right.
Rock House (possibly also called Caldwell or Otoe) was the first way station entering Nebraska, and also served as a stop for stagecoaches and travellers.
 The horses relax in the evening sun when I eventually found a farm with a water hydrant and some grazing to stop at....

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