Monday, 25 July 2016

Droning On

Friday April 29th  Another cold damp day with the threat of rain and snow, so I took a short cut along the Tri County Supply canal ...
This meant I passed a little to the south of the presumed site of Gilman's Pony Express station, although there is some confusion about the location and identity of the Pony Express stations on this stretch of the trail.
The horsey network had sorted out a place to stay near Brady.  John Hecox had a large new machinery shed I could shelter in, with plenty of grass around it for the horses.  I arrived early so John took me for a drive up to the family holiday house on the Jeffrey Reservoir. He also let me borrow his pick-up so I could drive into Brady to buy needed supplies.
John with lovely girlfriend Samantha and Lakota Sioux friend Mike, who gave me a little good luck charm..
Like so many boys, John likes his toys, which include the speed boat in the background, a gargantuan tractor ...
....and an amazing drone...
and of course he has his faithful hound Snoop..
Freezing rain set in during the evening, so I was thankful Frank had given me permission to bring the horses into the shed if necessary, which I did.  Lady was fine but thin-skinned Mo was shaking like a leaf.  I piled saddle pads and tarpaulins on him, and with the inside blower heater he soon warmed up.

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