Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Catching Up

Those who have been following my facebook posts will be aware that I completed the Pony Express Trail on April 4th earlier this year, and made it to the Pacific coast on the Easter weekend to complete my round-the-world ride.  However I have been unable to update my blog due to a series of setbacks which have included losing my laptop on the flight home followed by my home computer crashing. This meant I was unable to edit photos for inclusion in my blog posts, and as I base the posts round the photos it effectively prevented me from adding to my blog.  When my computer was eventually replaced I then found it was not provided with the relevant version of Adobe Photoshop, and after sorting that out discovered I was unable to upload my video clips to YouTube.  Grrrr.  However I think everything is now up and running and I have spent some time editing photos, so hopefully I will soon be able to bring my blog up to date with a more detailed version of events.
So Watch This Space!

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