Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Li Jing Rides Again.

Internet connection over the last couple of days has been very unstable so I will limit this post to text. In Baotou we stayed at a private stables set in woodland in the suburbs, and were wined and dined by our very generous host Mr Jiang. Very peaceful except for the music blaring out from the attached yurt resort on Sunday evening!

Yesterday we were filmed by local TV crossing the landmark Huang He - holding up the traffic on the busy bridge. Mr Jiang is deputy director of a big new stud farm to the south of the river, and we were accompanied there on horseback, riding along an earth track on a bund across the flood plain in the morning. Sunflowers, maize and a lot of beekeeping - one of our party was stung!

We stopped at a little town for lunch with Mr Jiang and the mayor, and then rode on through the sweltering countryside to rendevous with a posse of stable lads who escorted us across grassland and alfalfa to the magnificent new 'Brother Win' stud of which they are inordinately proud - both horses and humans are in 4 star accomodation so we were all able to indulge in hot showers again!

We are soon setting off to start riding westwards between the Huang He and the Ordos desert - just a short hop today to set us up for a longer day on Thursday. Li Jing has rejoined us - he is not fully recovered but able to ride sedately.

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