Monday, 24 May 2010

Another One Bites the Dust.

Friday 23rd April. By using Google Earth I had traced out a slightly more pioneering route through the desert further away from the main road. However I had not allowed for the new G3 which kept thwarting my plans and making the riding a bit more pioneering than I had intended. First we had to turn back due to a huge gash in the landscape caused by an enormous new road cutting. We then found that a small valley I intended to ride down was blocked by waste boulders. Nothing daunted we scrambled around and over….
..and we eventually ended up riding through some lonely desert hills…. …and came across this beautiful unexpected little oasis

After several attempts, all involving the ritual little piece of wire, Zorbee has at last managed to christen Rowena, and she joined the select ‘ Zorbee Dumpee’ society today. However nothing was bruised but her pride.
We are now staying at Shaquanzi, a tiny settlement centred round an iron mine and seemingly even smaller than when the Trio passed through. Here is Rowena outside our lodgings which could easily date from their time! – our room is behind the third door from the left…….
….and here is the inside view. Rowena slept in the fairy bower, leaving her elderly aunt to doss on the dirt floor (but I did have my extremely comfortable air bed).

Almost like home…..


  1. Hi, you are always great! :-)

    Hua, from San Jose, USA

  2. Ah, the difference between American English the Elder English: at first, everyone here in the office thought that Zorbee had pooped on Rowena instead of just sending her flying! We consulted the OED for clairification and everyone was, um, relieved. The Long Horse Ride wouldn't be quite as interesting--though, probably a little safer--without the antics of Zorbee. He provides a great focus on the nitty-gritty of your endeavor. Most of all, we're happy to hear that Rowena is fine and that her dignity remains intact.

  3. “rope(wire)” is the only thing Zorbee doesn't like. anything else?i want to know the reason of the accident this time if there is something other then “rope(wire)”.