Monday, 10 May 2010

Day Trippers to Dunhuang

Saturday April 17th. On our day off in Guazhou (formerly Anxi), we did the tourist thing and went for a jaunt to Dunhuang, leaving the horses penned in front of the outside toilets with instructions to use the Mens on the right.

The main attractions at Dunhuang are the ancient Buddhist cave temple complex at Mogao and a crescent lake set among huge sand dunes, both visited by the Trio many years ago. But I am sure they would be horrified at the commercial developments that have taken place to accommodate tourists such as ourselves. The formerly secluded and peaceful lake is now shrunken, and a venue for sand surfing, archery, paragliding and camel rides. And the 140rmb fee to get in was steeper than the sand dunes themselves. Travellers on the Silk route? No - happy camel riding day trippers bedecked in their orange sand boots. I have no idea what the UFO in the back ground is. Any suggestions? Perhaps a clue lies below.

Rowena has seen it all before, but it must be the first time she has been buzzed by a paraglider in her reveries.
Mr Peng strikes a manly pose in front of the lake and the new temple which has been built there.
No complaints apart from the English.

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