Friday, 2 July 2010

In Stitches

Tuesday May 18th.
......which is what I was after gashing my head on a low branch during an evening spin to Lake Tianchi. Peng and I opted for the scenic walk up to this 'Heavenly Lake' which is a major Xinjiang tourist attraction in the Tian Shan to the east of Urumqi.

... though Niyaz dropped out early on

The signs on the way did not exactly inspire me with confidence ........

As if it had crossed my mind ........................

............but unfortunately for someone such as myself with no head for heights, the walk turned out to be not so heavenly as we neared the top
I was so busy keepiing my head down while tacking the ghastly precipitous zigzag bit that I did not see the overhanging tree.
However the views at the top were worth it...

Then it was a trip to Fukang hospital to have my head stitched, though Peng and Niyaz were also in stitches when I emerged from the surgery with this unflattering bandage on my head. In a misguided attempt to cheer me up, Peng helpfully suggested I would fit in better locally now I look like a Muslim.

To my utter horror I have been told I cannot wash my hair for ten days, just when I was looking forward to a complete scrub down at Urumqi.

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