Wednesday, 21 July 2010

We Arrive at the Border!

Friday 11th June.
Today we arrived at Khorgas on the Chinese/Kazakhstan border, successfully completing the crossing of China, and covering about a third of the total distance between Beijing and London!
Below is a photo of myself with Bajiu and Zorbee at the border post, the empty saddle a sad reminder of the absent Peng Wenchao, who has been such a stalwart companion for almost the entire distance. But I phoned him on my mobile immediately we arrived, so he was with us in spirit. His father is still desperately ill.
We were inundated by Kazakhs offering cash for the horses, and it was a relief when the truck Mr Ma sent to collect them arrived and we were able to make our escape to his stables in Yining. Valerie and Niyaz are leaving for Urumqi, and I will soon be meeting Rowena in Almaty to start planning the next stage of the journey - she has already bought one horse. After a week there making arrangements, I will return home to have a break and sort out a three month Kazakhstan visa and other things.

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