Monday, 5 July 2010

Little Bo Peep

Wednesday May 19th
If you are counting sheep all day, you might as well be comfortable and make the most of the view.
The white drifts on the ground as Peng rides out of Fukang are clumps of the poplar seeds which have been blowing through the air like a snowstorm for the last couple of days - shades of Fellini's Amarcord.

Bajiu and Zorbee share their grazing with some unusual companions - happily they did not appear to be too fazed by the passing crowd of camels, though Shandan was not too sure.

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  1. Is this, then, the unveiling? Is this, then, the newest Zorbee!?! I was saddened and concerned to hear of your collision with the local fauna but, I must admit, gladdened to know that Zorbee was not involved, unless, of course, Zorbee is part mountain goat.

    My advice is No Peddling and Look Out For Low Flying Aircraft, etc. Maybe you should never take off that first-class riding helmet of yours! And, icing on the cake, no shampoo for at least another ten days. Lucky you.

    Back home, temperature's top 100 in Washington, DC. Hot as an Asian desert.