Saturday, 16 June 2012

STOP PRESS!! ......

NOUS SOMMES ARRIVE AU BORD DE LA MANCHE!! other words, at around 8.00pm on the evening of Friday 15th June Zorbee and I reached the English Channel - or should it be French Channel from this perspective?  This makes me the first person on record to cross Eurasia coast to coast by horse - unless anyone knows different......
......By the white cliffs of Dieppe.  Zorbee's first introduction to the sea, but in spite of the heavy breakers crashing on shingle he managed to overcome his suspicion and walk down within about ten ft of the waves - enticing him into the water would have been a step too far! 

This sudden jump in time has been because of the difficulty of keeping up with my blog, partly due to lack of time, partly due to problems keeping my laptop charged on the road and partly due to lack of reception on our French dongle. However over the next week or two I should have the opportunity to fill in the rest of the story, so keep tuning in. 
I am now staying with fellow Welsh pony breeder and friend Ingrid Delaitre and have booked a ferry to the UK for early Monday morning - then I will have a few weeks at home to organise the last leg of the journey to London. Arrival in Greenwich is planned for Monday 23rd July, so put it in your diary if you fancy being there to welcome us.  More details later when arrangements have been confirmed.

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  1. Congratulations! What an achievement! Best of luck on the "home" leg!