Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Woman in the Golden Helmet

The media have continued to show an interest in the ride, and I was visited in Scwheningen by an all female television crew to be filmed and interviewed for German News. When I commented on the camerawoman's her amazing ability to walk backwards while filming, she confessed that she had been a talented Ski acrobatist 'in my other life' as she referred to it!

 The morning included beiing filmed from a moving van as Andrea and I set off on the day's ride, and I was made to wear a helmet cam again.
The one advantage of media attention is that people recognise you and are more willing to offer help.  Cristina, one of the journalists who wrote an article about the ride, referred to me as 'the Woman in the Golden Helmet' which seemed to strike a chord with some people.  It came in useful when Andrea and I stopped to graze the horses on a patch of grass at the edge of a small town, and a suspicious farmer on a tractor accosted us.  But at Andrea's mention of the Woman in the Golden Helmet (at which point I had to produce and wear said article to prove my identity) his attitude completely changed and he chugged off happily, returning with grandchildren!
We collected quite an audience of small children at this rest stop, including the very confident and determined little girl below, who announced that she was going to join me riding to London.....
 Andrea explained that she would need a pony, at which point, quick as a flash, she turned round and pointed at Bolashak, who was on the lorry some distance away and we thought far enough away to escape detection! .....
'There's a pony'  -   You will notice she is still hanging onto Leo's lead rope.

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  1. Amazing journey for people who really has a chance to see wonderful people has a skills and talent on riding a horse. I am a big fan of horse back riding and started to learn my lessons. The Woman in the Golden Helmet is reminder for me that I can be a good rider as well.