Monday, 28 April 2014

Albert Arrives

Yesterday Byron took me out to Whiteway to visit Clifford George, a well known Newfoundland character and artist who has been heavily involved with Newfoundland ponies over the years and has owned and trained many.  Here he is with pony mare Annie of Avalon ..
 ....and his gentle cat loving Clydesdale mare Missy...

I was delighted to discover that Clifford used to own Albert's dam, and in fact was responsible for mating her with the Morgan/Clydesdale stallion that is his sire.  She had the rather unusual moniker of Bear (because of her wooly coat)  but her present owner Gerry Burn who lives close by, has chosen to rename her Beauty.  We drove up to visit her, but she was far too busy snoozing to pose for the camera. 
 The other excitement of the day was the arrival of Albert in a large goose-neck trailer.  He was quite excited to experience new surroundings, but was soon settled down in a stall in the barn with the goats for company.   Here are Charlene and Terry Brown trying to get him to pose for the camera, but he was far more interested in the grass...

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