Monday, 28 April 2014

An Endangered Breed

Last week Cabot Martin put me in touch with local lawyer Carol Osmond who has an interest in the Newfoundland pony, which is an endangered breed. She has been working hard to help me out, and through her I have been taken under the wing of Byron Hierlihy, another Newfoundland pony enthusiast.   On Friday I he gave me a fabulous afternoon looking at some wonderful examples of Newfie ponies in the Bay Roberts area.  So here are two lovely examples of the pony ...
 Above is Kevin Dawson with one of his mares Rhonda, and below is Matthew with his beloved Dawson's Midnight Lighting.
Newfoundland ponies are descended from native pony breeds brought over from the British Isles, and it is often possible to see characteristics of those breeds in the Newfie ponies.   Rhonda for example had a definite look of an Exmoor, complete with slightly mealy muzzle, while the well known old stallion Skipper of Avalon, owned by Tammy Webber, displays Highland pony characteristics....
Byron finished the day by taking me home to meet his two adopted Newfoundland ponies, and treat me to a moose sausage supper!  The contacts he has provided are all happy to help out with the ride , one problem being moving the truck ahead. 

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